Product Description

Size: 700 ml
Brand: Singleton
Category: Scotch Whiskey
Country: Iceland
Alcohol: 40%
The Singleton of Glen Ord ‘Signature’ (40%, OB, sherry cask finish, +/-2015) A pretty recent reliable expression of Glen Ord, perhaps at the bottom of the vary considering that it’s NAS. I know, mildly infuriating remarks by means of yours truly. Colour: deep gold. Nose: malty, with some burnt sugar and a contact of earth, plus some vanilla and sponge cake. Not earth shattering, but acceptable. Mouth: quite some spices, cardamom, white pepper… All that on a bed of cardboard and sawdust. A very grassy profile, noticeably dry, probably from some as a substitute energetic oak. What’s higher is that a little orange liqueur comes through after a while. Finish: the grassy, spicy and as an alternative ‘green’ oak hasn’t gone. Comments: no longer pretty my cup of Glen Ord. It’s actual that once you’ve tried the top notch ancient respectable 28 and 30 in their square bottles, there’s no way back.SGP:361 – 74 points

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